How Uncertainty Caused Me To Miss A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity


Uncertainty undoubtedly provides humans with the opportunity to grow, adapt, and evolve.

Unfortunately, this past weekend, uncertainty did not help me or my cause out in the least bit. Not yet, anyway.

I want you to start by picturing who your favorite musical act of all time is.

Now, imagine him/her/them casually walking down the sidewalk within arm’s length from you. There’s no one there except you, him/her/them and 2 of their entourage.

How would you react? Would you be star stuck? Would you second guess what you were seeing with your very own eyes?

I sure did. I kept telling myself it wasn’t him. It was just a look-alike.

Well, it turns out it was him. I let an opportunity to at least shake the hand of one of my idols and tell him that he’s fucking ILL slip away.


I’ve been thinking about every night since it happened. I’m honestly taking it pretty hard lol.

But you know what? Fuck it! I gotta keep my head up, keep doin my thang and keep trying to learn from these disastrous, heartbreaking nights.

I’ll be so lucky if I were to ever experience one of these chance encounters again with any one of the people I idolize.

I wish I would have listened to my intuition.  I really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain 😥

All I can do now is take the lesson I learned from this incident and continue to move forward.


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