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To Be Or Not To Be…


To be a Richard is to be a dick.

Not to be a dick is to be a vagina.

To be vagina is not to be masculine.

Not to be masculine is to be feminine.

To be feminine is not to be careless.

Not to be careless is to be aware.

To be aware is not to be disorderly.

Not to be disordered is to be tidy.

To be tidy is not to be chaotic.

Not to be chaotic is to be calm.

To be calm is not to be irrational.

Not to be irrational is to be thoughtful.

To be thoughtful is not to be selfish.

Not to be selfish is to be cool.

To be cool is not to be a loser.

Not to be a loser is to be Richard.

To be Richard is not to be yourself.

Don’t Be A Richard