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Expect The Unexpected


haha what a dramatic title eh…

Well for today’s post,  you can expect the unexpected. It’s not going to be your typical #FrealFriday.

I won’t be highlighting a song this today as I already did that this week.

So today, to engage whatever readers I may have, I will offer a draw for some Canadian currency! It won’t be anything over $1-$2 dollars but it’ll be a cool keepsake.

To enter, you must be following my blog and simply need to message me. I will enter names into a draw and contact the winner directly.

Other than that, have a great weekend folks!


It’s #FrealFriday!!!

It’s #FrealFriday and it’s unofficially the summer!!!

Even though I don’t really enjoy hot weather (I’ll get more into that at a later date), I am excited, ecstatic and elated for the potential fun that summer can bring (for you of course 😉 ).

With this wave of emotions starting with the letter ‘E’ hitting me, I gotta bust some old school EDM for y’all. Continue reading It’s #FrealFriday!!!